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Unfortunately we are unable to provide these courses at present but we are doing our best to rectify this so please watch this space……………….

Enjoy learning new skills

Attention all Jersey’s budding silver surfers!  Why not join one of our ever-popular 6-week Computer Courses?  There are two courses to choose from:

Computer Skills for Beginners

A beginners covering core subjects such as: how to turn a computer on/off; using a mouse; typing on Microsoft Word; how to work with folders, files and windows; how to cut, copy and paste; an introduction to the internet and e-mails.

Intermediate Computer Skills

A slightly more advanced course covering: a recap of a chosen area from beginners course; how to use Skype; looking after your computer; how to use google and tailor your search; TV-Catch up; a tour of the internet’s most useful websites.  The last week of the course is a bespoke lesson on what the pupils want to learn more about.

Two hour workshops

We also host two-hour workshops covering a number of computer-related subjects, including:

  • Ipad basics
  • Word
  • Excel
  • And many more

Simply ask and if it’s a subject we can cover, we will host a workshop for you.  If you would prefer a 1-1 session give us a call and we’ll be able to arrange something for you.

iPad Basics + follow up workshops

Requirements: Bring in an iPad with you. Please make sure it is an iPad and not some other type of tablet – look for an apple logo etc.

What we teach: Basics on how to navigate your iPad; organise and get apps; connecting to Wi-Fi as well as time for some questions and answers. Students can also ask for follow up lessons to help with an issues they might have encountered since the Basics lesson.

Microsoft Office Word

Requirements: Know some basic computer skills in terms of using a mouse, turning on etc.

What we teach: How to use Microsoft Office Word; basic formatting in terms of writing style etc. Since this is bespoke we can cover more advanced techniques you have been meaning to do but don’t know how.

Microsoft Office Excel 2x Workshop Lessons

Requirements: Know some basic computer skills in terms of using a mouse, turning on etc.

What we teach: 2 lessons on how to use Microsoft Office Excel in terms of: basic formulas, basic functions, charts etc.


Requirements: Basic knowledge of computers and internet

What we teach: The basics of how emails work; use of Hotmail/Outlook/Live emails and use of Gmail emails.


Requirements: Basic knowledge of computers

What we teach: Disk Clean-up, Antivirus, Defragmentation, How to update your computer and keep it running well.

Windows 8/10

Requirements: Some experience using computers before e.g. Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 etc.

What we teach: This is for people who have been using computers before and have switched to windows 8 or are about to. This is an intro to how to get around in Windows 8/10 and also how to update it to Windows 8.1/10.

So, if you’re over 55 or know someone who would be interested in attending, please do give us a call and we can put you on a course waiting list or book you into a workshop.  Simply call our Freephone 0800 735 0345 or 758922.